NEW: ASKR Archimedischer Schrauben Kristallisator + Reaktor CONTINUOUS REACTOR + CRISTALLIZATOR double sized needle shaped Crystals - no broken Crystals
 NEW:ASKRArchimedischer Schrauben Kristallisator + ReaktorCONTINUOUS REACTOR + CRISTALLIZATOR double sized needle shaped Crystals - no broken Crystals



Archimedean screw crystallization + reaction


Advantages at a glance


  • nearly no residence time distribution
  • soft and gentle product handling without stirrer
  • no pressure drop
  • medium can be removed or added
  • PH, cooling, seeding, evaporation crystallization 


ROREA is a brand name of the inventors which stands for continuous processes replacing batch operations in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical or related industries.

In order to be able to close the bridge left in between the synthesis and the liquid - solid separation we developed a new process apparatus, which allows cristallization of proteins and many other mediums.

Wilk-Graphite GmbH owns the license to further develop and market the ASKR.


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