NEW: ASKR Archimedischer Schrauben Kristallisator + Reaktor CONTINUOUS REACTOR + CRISTALLIZATOR double sized needle shaped Crystals - no broken Crystals
 NEW:ASKRArchimedischer Schrauben Kristallisator + ReaktorCONTINUOUS REACTOR + CRISTALLIZATOR double sized needle shaped Crystals - no broken Crystals

Better products by continuous crystallization

The ASKR does not only offer the benefit it provides as a process apparatus to one chemical system but to many different ones. Applications are from Pharma API production, Chemicals, Fertilizer, Food, Polymerisation, Catalyst reactions to your application. 

Please ask for details. 

Advantages and what mean to your product


  • Continuous operation - saves operational and investment cost by about 40%
  • Gentle continuous operation - allows handling of sentive media like proteins
  • nearly no residence time distribution - means uniform products
  • turbulent without stirrer - results in do broken products and much larger products
  • no pressure drop - no deformation of products
  • small reaction volume - increased safety and faster reactions of up to 50%
  • accessable inner structure - means removal of vapour during operation 
  • in situ measurements - process control



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