NEW: ASKR Archimedischer Schrauben Kristallisator + Reaktor CONTINUOUS REACTOR + CRISTALLIZATOR double sized needle shaped Crystals - no broken Crystals
 NEW:ASKRArchimedischer Schrauben Kristallisator + ReaktorCONTINUOUS REACTOR + CRISTALLIZATOR double sized needle shaped Crystals - no broken Crystals
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Double sized needle shaped Crystals

Tests comparing the growth of needle shaped crystals in a section of the ASKR and a stirred laboratory reactor show that the ASKR does have any broken crystals and therefore more than 2 times larger crytals. 

Clearly the stirrer can destroy the growing particles, which leads to many smaller ones. This is avoided in the ASKR by the fully turbulent but gentle medium handling. 


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